Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Preview: Wave's K-ON! Kigurumi After School Tea Time

Wave is going to release the K-ON! Kigurumi After School Tea Time non-scale Soft Vinyl PVC figure series from the manga/anime series K-ON!. Each figures is approximately 90m in height and will be released in February 2011 around 1,200 yen.

All members of Houkago Tea Time re-appears in the kawaii Kigurumi (stuffed animal suit) costumes. These costumes were first seen in the freshman recruiting scene in the original show.

I think this Kigurumi series is nice and the price is still easy on the wallet. Just like the other Wave's figures, this series is also equipped with ball-jointed neck system. The barefaced and Kigurumi head parts are interchangeable.

Hirasawa Yui
Akiyama Mio
Tainaka Ritsu
Kotobuki Tsumugi
Nakano Azusa

Beside it's each release, there was also set for this series named K-ON! Kigurumi After School Tea Time Limited DX Version. The price of this set is 5,800 yen. So, for those who want to get all of the K-ON! girls in a hand, the set can be a great deal. Beside it's cheaper than buying all of the K-ON! girls separately, with this set you will get also the extra hair parts for Tsumugi and Mio. The picture of them can be seen below.

source: AmiAmi

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