Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sneak Peek: Play-Arts Street Fighter

OMG, these new Street Fighter figures look awesome. Thank you Square Enix for creating a new set of Play Arts Kai figures, Street Fighter! I'm so excited about this, because it has really been a while since some good Street Fighter figures were released. I think I am going to buy them as long as the cost wont kill my pocket.

Anyway, here is the preview of the figures:


He looks like a real Japanese fighter here... reminds me of Akira Yuki. Good job on his face!


This Chun-li sculpt is pretty damn good, especially her facial.

Cammy White

This is also a very beautiful figure... Square Enix managed to create a Cammy figure while still maintaining her sexiness.


Scary.. hope I won't met him in reality

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