Monday, September 13, 2010

Preview: Volks Turns A Brand's GK Tortilla Sisters

Volks Turns A Brand is going to release the Tortilla Sisters : Salsa & Ritos 1/6 Resin Cast GK figure from the eroge/anime/manga Shukufuku no Campanella. They are approximately 210mm in height and will be released in November 2010 around 12,000 yen each. Both figures are Replicant EX magazine mail-in exclusive and still need to assembly & paint.

Besides these sisters, Volks Turns A Brand has already released the 4 main heroines in 2009. They are Minette, Carina Verritti, Chelsea Arcot & Agnes Boulange.

Minette Carina Verritti Chelsea Arcot Agnes Boulange

The Shukufuku no Campanella anime itself has just aired in Summer 2010, so no wonder if not everyone has noticed about their figures before it. But after looked at their official site, to be honest, i think I already fall in love with all the girls character design (^_^!). This series surely have a bunch of pretty good characters design.

Volks once again decided to bring us more characters from the series, and this time are the silly Tortilla sisters, Ritos & Salsa! Unfortunately they’re both a Replicant EX magazine mail-in exclusive.

Salsa Tortilla

Ritos Tortilla

For those who wants the Tortilla sisters, you need the order form that comes in the Replicant EX magazine and order them before November 1, 2010. As a bonus, by getting the both Tortilla sisters, you will get this Golem plastic mode for *free.

*Ritos comes with the upper part of Golem and Salsa comes with the lower part of Golem.

source: Nekomagic

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