Sunday, September 5, 2010

Preview: Seven Two's The King of Fighters XIII Collection Figure Vol.1

Seven Two is going to release the The King of Fighters XIII Collection Figure Vol.1 trading figure from the fighting game series The King of Fighters published by SNK. The boxset will contain 12 figures + 1 secret figure, each figure have approximately 60mm in height, and will be released in November 2010 around 8,160 yen (714 yen each).

I've never heard of Seven Two before, but know a lot about King of Fighters (KOF) series since I was a middle schooler. KOF series has so many interesting character that can be developed into merchandises from it's francise. But for the KOF chibbi stuffs? I'm still have some difficulties to find a good one on the market.

The same thing goes for Seven Two's KOF Collection Figure. Labeled with a high price, I think this series still lack some good detail in it. Character faces and outfits looks so flat. I think they should add more shading effects on it. The excellent example for this is Medicos Entertainment's big head figure series or Koei's Samurai Warriors mini figure series. High quality paint detail represent all of their figures, even in their mini figures.

Okay, let's back to Seven Two's KOF, here are their line up (not include secret figure):

Ash Crimson Elisabeth Blanctorche
Benimaru Nikaido Leona Heidern
Kyo Kusanagi Joe Higashi
Sie Kensou Yuri Sakazaki
Iori Yagami Ryo Sakazaki
Raiden K'

source: AmiAmi

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