Saturday, December 4, 2010

Preview: Orchid Seed's 1/7 Super Soniko Bondage ver.

Orchid Seed is going to release the Super Soniko Bondage ver. 1/7 PVC figure from the mascot of Nitro+ event Nitro Super Sonic. This figure is approximately 160mm in height and will be released in April 2011 around 8,700 yen.

 WARNING! This post contains adult's content, you must be 18 or over to view it. 

This Super Sonico sculpt is based on a newly drawn illustration by Santa Tsuji. This figure is also cast-offable, which is very very important for any Super Sonico fan like me to get fun with (● `· ω · '●)

Her costume is also comes with incredible detail as well as her fishnet stocking. Lace boots is also perfect for bondage costumes. I heel and it's 13 centimeters! Nice! The fishnet stockings are going to use real materials.

I think Orchid Seed has completely recreate the cool erotic atmosphere from the original illustrations into this figure. Nice work!

Speaking of hotpants..
Removing her jacket..
Topless.. cute panties
Nice butt.. (O `ε 'O)

Nekomagic said that this figure will suit well with the Figmas/Revoltechs. Check them at their website here

Oooopss... almost forgot to post the guitar pics.. (* ¯ ii ¯)


  1. Wow,that's is one hot figure :D

  2. agreed.. I almost forgot to post the guitar pics since I was distracted by her.. >_<

  3. So this on your get list now ;)

  4. lol.. nope. my wife wouldn't let me collect this one :(


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