Friday, September 3, 2010

Preview: Orchid Seed's 1/7 Alfin

Orchid Seed is going to release the Alfin 1/7 PVC figure from the game Shining Force Feather. This figure is approximately 215mm in height and will be released in December 2010 around 8,400 yen.

First I think this is another Dwarf figure with different outfit, because viewing her reminds me about Orchid Seed's Drawf. Both figures have similar looks, well at least in my opinion.

But I was wrong, she is Alfin, the main heroine from the game Shining Force Feather. She is originaly designed by Noiji Itou, and the figure it self was sculpted by Kosuke Arai of Arai Kogyo.

This figure is based on the fire-attribute Flame dress from the game’s official illustration, and featuring a attractive red main color with numerous intricate details and an amazing use of clear parts in the skirt allowing us to see her lovely legs!

Maybe this is a must-have for any Shining Force's fan!

source: Orchid Seed

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