Friday, September 10, 2010

Preview: Petit Jeuness' Hiro Suzuhira + Takeshi Miyagawa Black ver.

Petit Jeuness is going to release the Black version of vol. 1 Hiro Suzuhira + Takeshi Miyagawa 1/6 PVC figure from the original cover of Suzuhira Hiro’s debut book - "Chronicle". This figure will be released in December 2010 around 9,800 yen.

This figure is sculpted by Takeshi Miyagawa, which is from Clayz manufacture. Her pose is nice and the details look great. And I think this black color version seems to have more appealing factors to me than the original pink version. It suits my preferences.

This figure will be limited and only available at Petit Jeuness online shop. It will come with exclusive Mini Microfiber Towel featuring an original illustration of the character as depicted in this figure too. See the sample image below.

You can also check out AmiAmi to place your pre-order.

source: AmiAmi

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