Saturday, July 16, 2011

Help me by liking my photo entry, please :)

Yesterday I red about Play Asia Polish Your Lenses figure photo and then I decided to join the competition. Anyway, here is my submission photo for the competition, and luckily my entry were accepted.

For the setup, I used Nendoroid Miku Absolute HMO and combined her with the figure base of Alter Gwendolyn. I hope you like it :)

Oh, and pressing the "like" button in this photo link would be appreciated also, thank you :)

P.s. You must "like" the PlayAsia first before "like"ing the photo entry


  1. No Facebook account bro sorry ^^ I also submit one picture there for fun but hahaha can't even vote

  2. Nice photo :D I don't know whether it is too late or not, but I already click the 'like' button :D

  3. no problem bro :)
    i also submited there for fun... and fortunate it has accepted

  4. Thankyou verymuch for your time, h4mster... :)


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