Thursday, November 11, 2010

Event: 27th Miyazawa Model Exhibition

27th Miyazawa Model Fall Exhibition event was held at November 9th 2010. It is a business to business trade show with several figure and model manufacturers displaying their current and upcoming goods to business customers. We might already seen several of the products before, but there are a few that are totally new.

With tons of manufacturer participating in this event, you've got a lot of photos that you can look at... check them out!

Exciting enough? lets scroll this blog down to see more interesting stuffs in each manufacturer's booth.

Good Smile Company & Max Factory booth

Good Smile together with Max Factory brought us lots of stuff from Black Rock Shooter, Fate/Stay Night, and even the US Kamen Rider Dragon Knight series as well. Another products from Phat!, Gift and Freeing were also displayed at the same booth

Plum booth

Daiki booth

Alter & Altair booth

Alter brought us their angels alongside with their 1/00 Alt Yukikaze's line

Konami booth

U Art booth

Zigz Toy booth

Movic booth

Orchid Seed booth

Ami Ami booth

Griffon Enterprise booth

Cospa booth

Kurushima Seisakusho booth

Kaitendo booth

Aizu Project booth

Revoltech Sci-Fi (Kaiyodo) booth

Hobby Stock booth

Evolution Toy booth

Hobby Japan booth

Art Storm booth

Union Creative booth

Yamato booth

Wave Corporation booth

CM's Corporation booth

Banpresto booth

Clayz booth

Atelier Sai booth

Azone International booth

New Line booth

Kotobukiya booth

MegaHouse booth

Medicos Entertainment booth

Medicom Toys booth

Dive booth

Chara-Ani booth

Media Factory booth

Wafudo / Enterbrain booth

Q-Six booth

Takara Tomy Arts booth

Bandai booth

Aoshima booth

Good Smile Racing booth

Pit-Road booth

source: Akiba Hobby

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