Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do you like "nested" comments?

The question is simple, "do you prefer nested comments or not?". Anyway, this issue is still bugging me a lot, why didn't Blogger have such a popular feature like "Nested Comments"?

If you don't know what the nested comments means, it is a feature that help you making a better comments form at the bottom of your post. The idea is simple, with it, you can do a "reply" to another user's post, and your reply will be shown directly below his/her post. To put it simply, now you will know who reply who, which user reply which user comment.

Actually I have tried to install the Intense Debate widget in this blog. It is an application that gives you a lot of features in the comments form. At first, everything is perfect, the application was completely integrated and commenting now has became fun for me. But, not everything is perfect, right? I like the application, but not the way it handles the RSS comments. Newer comments with Intense Debate couldn't be stored at my blog database, but was instead stored in the Intense Debate database. That is a problem for me, because my blog can't track user comments anymore and will assume that the blog didn't have any newer comments anymore even if someone has been putting it in.

So, maybe i should put back my old comment form and give more time modifying it's script so that it will be able to nest the user's comments, just like the way Intense Debate widget do. But actually i'm not sure that i could make it as good as the Intense Debate. If i failed, then I'll just turned it back to Intense Debate.. lol ^_^

Anyway, wish me luck handling this, guys!

1 comment:

  1. installed DISQUS. problem temporary solved x_x

    ah, i envy the wordpress commenting system


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