Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Preview: Phat!'s Bakuman

Phat! Company is going to release the Bakuman trading figures from the manga/anime Bakuman. The boxset will contain 12 random figures, and will be released in May 2011 around 3,809 yen in a boxset.

Yeaaahh!!! Bakuman is finally released as figures! I quite enjoyed reading the manga and have been waiting for their figure release for a long time. Phat! answered my wishes and released something that I never expected. They created a nice set of Bakuman trading figures, and the overall look is good to me, the figure paint-job is also good.

I think I'll follow this trading figure series. Hope they will release the 2nd series containing Hattori, Iwase, or even Hiramaru ^_^

This series will have a total of 7 varieties figures.

The line up are:
1. Mashiro Moritaka
2. Takagi Akito
3. Azuki Miho
4. Aoki Ko
5. Nizuma Eiji
6. Mashiro Nobuhiro's Super Hero Legend
7. Nizuma Eiji's Crow-kun

source: AmiAmi

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