Friday, December 24, 2010

Preview: Chara-Ani's Hidamari Sketch x Hoshi Mittsu 2.5

Chara-Ani is going to release the Hidamari Sketch x Hoshi Mittsu 2.5 trading figures from the light novel/manga/anime Hidamari Sketch. The boxset will contain 12 random figures, and will be released in April 2011 around 7,776 yen in a boxset.

From the Japanese four-panel comic strip by Ume Aoki, here comes the Hidamari Sketch trading figure! Go get the group of young girls who all living in the same apartment where artists gather.

This series will be released under the Toy's Work Collection and have a total of 14 varieties figures.

The line up are:
1. Yuno (normal)
2. Miyako (normal)
3. Sae (normal)
4. Hiro (normal)
5. Yuno (funny face)
6. Miyako (funny face)
7. Sae (funny face)
8. Hiro (funny face)
9. Yuno (gym class uniform)
10. Miyako (gym class uniform)
11. Sae (gym class uniform)
12. Hiro (gym class uniform)
13. Ume-sensei
14. Yoshinoya-sensei

source: AmiAmi

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