Thursday, December 9, 2010

Preview: Alter's 1/8 Dizzy

Alter is going to release the Dizzy 1/8 PVC figure from the fighting game series Guilty Gear. This figure is approximately 310mm in height (including her wings) and will be released in April 2011 around 11,800 yen.

I think Alter just made a terrific piece of art work and Dizzy herself really have a cool character design. She has 2 wings called Necro (the Grim Reaper wing) and Undine (the angel wing). She is technically only 3 years old, but her body matures at such an alarming rate due to her Gear cells.

Btw, she is also an April released figure... What a deadly month. This time, let's just hope Alter delayed this one ^_^

source: AmiAmi

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