Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moving out story.. x_x

Hufff.. moving house surely is tiring, especially when it comes to the time we need to re-pack our whole toys from the display case. I'm spending the whole day repacking my collection, calculating the box's volume, and then store them into many different containers.

Actually, I was very bored repacking this & that for the whole day and decided to take some progress snapshot. And after repacking night to night, this task is still unfinished.. gahh, long way to go T_T

Well, I'm kind of taking a break right now, and decided to share you the story I've been through in my apartment. Oh anyway, I'm making some moving tips guide too for you guys.. Check it out guys!

Multiseven accidentally moving guide
Step#1: Visit your toys
This time, you aren't visiting them for an enjoyment, but as a TASK. So, I'm sure you will agree if I make a statement "Oh crap! That's a lot of work..."
p.s. Because I forgot to take the display photo before I start the packing, I am using my display old photo.
Step#2: Calculating how many storage do we need to prepare
Hmmm, let's see.... 9 containers? btw, all you need to do in this step is only guessing...
Step#3: Grouping the toys into categories
Packing the toys will be much easier if we can categorize them by their line up, box sizes, or whatever else that you think will help you make the task more easy. Since I always group my toys by categories in my display case, then this task is already done.
Step#4: Put the toys back into their boxes
To be honest, I really hate this step. Gashapon, Saint Cloth Myth, Garo & SIC are my most hateful line up to deal with in this step. I WISH I WERE a MIB (mint in box) collector.
Step#5: Selecting the best container for the toys
We know each toy line up have their unique box sizes, and to store it so that it can perfectly fit into the storage is not an easy task too. So, having many different container size can help you more in suiting the items that you want to store in.
Step#6: Re-arrange the items to maximize it's number
Re-arrange the items to have maximum number of items that can be stored into one container. If you are very good and confident at playing Tetris, then I suggest you to try this primitive Tetris too. It's very challenging ^_^
Step#7: Make a note
Believe me, this small task can be important to help you to track your items. Well, for me I need to know which item is inside which container, so I can easily search for it just by reading the note. The best place to put the note is at the container itself.
Step#8: Waving & Say Goodbye
Well, this is not the final photo, because I still haven't finished packing. But since my display case is not the type which can be knocked down, leaving it behind surely is a big blow for me. So I should say farewell to it soon after the task is complete.
Step#9: You are ready to go!
Leave as soon as possible. One advice, a real gentlemen should not look back at the thing he left behind.

Anyway, thank you for standing by with me with this post and I hope this guide could be helpful for you.

Oh crap! I forgot those Gunplas in the kitchen.. T_T


  1. Awesome Collection bro finally manage to see your Shelf :D

  2. wow.. tt's a crazy amt of toys you got there!!!!!!! *salutes*

  3. Whoa! Such a huge collection you have!

  4. God, what a nightmare... can't even think about my future moving plan just about now...
    so, you still using that awesome display cabinet in your new house right?

  5. Hi, thanks! I thought you already seen it before at some forum.

  6. Thank you Marzz :)
    btw, do you have account at Kaskus or ForumKG too?

  7. nope.. unfortunately i must left the display cabinet... it's permanent display... T_T

  8. only your SCM at your "lapak" and I am sure most of the picture's link already broken.


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