Friday, October 29, 2010

News: Hobby Search Site was hacked

Just looked around on the net, and then read some security issues regarding Hobby Search's security breach and stolen customer data.

I decided to continue reading the news, and it seems that the data that had been stolen are the customers' credit card numbers, the cardholders name, and the card's expiry dates.

If you had purchased anything from Hobby Search using your credit card before, you might check your billing statements now to see if there any suspicious charges in your bank account.

Well, they only said credit cards, so I guess when you're using PayPal to complete your transaction, it should be fine because you didn't put your credit card information in the Hobby Search's database.

Try visit Hobby Search for further detail regarding this issue or just click important links on below list.

Information regarding security breach and stolen customer data
Customer Q&A

source: Hobby Search


  1. and the worst thing,till last year hobby search only accepting Credit card >w<.

  2. How troublesome this is. >.<

    Hope that everything will work out. I only used Hobby Search once before with paypal, but I should still keep an eye out.


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