Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Preview: Yamato's 1/8 Creators Labo Super Sonico Babydoll ver.

Yamato is going to release the Super Sonico Babydoll version PVC figure from the mascot of Nitro+ event Nitro Super Sonic. This figure is approximately 210mm in height and will be released in February 2011 around 7,800 yen.

Whoaaaa... this Super Sonico is pretty cute!! I know her style is a bit different from other Super Sonico figures, but I think this version is unique. Loved it!

Super Sonico looks even cuter in her babydoll. Her eyes looks kinda pale, but I think its ok.. A cute girl with a pale eyes looks hot isnt it? ^_^

This Super Sonico figure will be released under the Yamato's Creators’ Labo series.

The Super Sonico Babydoll version is also available in a limited DX version and labeled with a price around 12,800 yen. There aren't any difference with the regular version except some extra accessories like a guitar, a bear, and a refrigerator.

I think this figure is cute enough without its accessories, so I'll go after the regular one! Super Sonico, here I comes!!!

source: AmiAmi

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