Thursday, October 28, 2010

Preview: Kabaya Foods' Forest Rilakkuma

Kabaya Foods is going to release the Forest Rilakkuma candy toys from the original San-X character that became an anime, Rilakkuma. The boxset will contain 8 random figures, and will be released in January 2011 around 3,040 yen in a boxset.

Whoaa... this set could be dangerous for my wallet. I should keep it a secret from my wife. She's a phone strap collector and I could even imagine she would say "honey, i want these rilakkumaaaa..", when she looked at this blog. Oh, crap.. why must they created a bear in a mushroom suit T_T

This Forest Rilakkuma series will have a total of 4 varieties figures. Just like another candy toy figures, you will also get a soda candy in each box on the set.

The line up are:
1. Relakkuma (Poncho)
2. Ko-Relakkuma (Poncho)
3. Relakkuma (Mushroom)
4. Ko-Relakkuma (Mushroom)

source: AmiAmi

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