Friday, August 13, 2010

Preview: Figma Metis

Max Factory is going to release the Figma #085 Metis action figure from the game Persona 3FES published by Altus. This figure will be released in November 2010 around 2,857 yen.

I love this Metis figure, and I'm surely think that she has become the most highly anticipated Figma figure after displayed at Wonder Festival last week. This figure will come with 2 pair of expressions, an iron mallet, a bus stop sign, and also Koromaru, the Shiba dig. And just like the other Figma have, this figure also has a poseable figma stand too.

And for those who missed the Figma #049 Aegis, she will be re-release together Figma #085 Metis in November 2010.

source: Figma blog

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