Monday, August 16, 2010

Event: Black ★ Rock Shooter Festival 2010

The first Black Rock Shooter Festival 2010 event was held in Akibahara on August 15th, 2010. The campaign was clearly successful. It proved even more that the franchise CAN sell!

There are lot of stuff related to the series displayed there, including some new stuffs and also many "not so new" stuffs there. As expected, the animation version of Black Rock Shooter and the Dead Master full scale PVC are there, along with the the insane new Black Gold Saw PVC.

PVC Figures
BRS - Original ver. BRS - Black Blade ver. Dead Master - Original ver.
B★RS - Animation ver. Dead Master - Animation ver. Black Gold Saw - Animation ver.

Figma BRS Figma Dead Master Figma Black Gold Saw

BRS & Dead Master Nendoroid Pucchi

Some other stuffs

Is it enough? No!
There was TONS of BRS art on displays, cute cosplayers, a figure of the Rock Cannon itself, and they even have the B★RS cars & motorcycles!!

1:1 Rock Cannon

Cute babes

Some artworks

The vehicles

I mean, look at that car... I think this franchise is getting really insane, and many people were going crazy for it... are you going crazy as well?

source: Akiba Hobby

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