Sunday, August 1, 2010

First post on this blog ^_^

It's kinda hard to start a blog... especially for me who rarely make some writings. Usually I don't have any problem if I just speak in words, but when it comes to writing, all the words in my head seems to disappear.

I think it will be pretty much easier for me if I just start some topics related to my hobbies, such as collecting figures and so on. I have a crush on these hobbies since I graduated from college. It started with Model Kits, then Saint Seiya, SIC, Revoltech, and a year after that I changed my preference to figures related to PVCs including Nendoroid & Figma. I have special interests on them because it gives me details, fine finishing, and perfection.

Thanks to Blogger & Google for giving me the best resources to start my first ever blog. The application is very easy to use, and even I could make a good looking blog in my first try using them. Well, there's a lot of thing that I still need to learn to make this blog much better.

Anyway, welcome to Multiseven blog. I will dedicate this blog to all of you who share the same interest as me. So, enjoy your time reading this blog here :)

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