Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Introducing: ToysHolic

Wow, should I say Indonesian collectors are lucky enough to have 2 new forums that specializes in toys lately? After I introduced NeoKG last month, today I will introduce you again with the newly born forum, ToysHolic.

Just like its name, the forum topics will mostly be regarding toys. However the forum leader asked me to help them spread the info about the forum. And I think, its good to have more forum like this alive in our country. So, hopefully in the end Toys industry in Indonesia someday can grow up.

So, will you help me and come join this community? If so, or if you have a friends who are willing to join the community, then feel free to register and post there. Follow this link to visit the forum.

Let's meet up and have a discussion there. Oh, you could also find me there with the same name as seen in this blog, "multiseven". Add me, okay? ^_^


  1. Registered , Let me try =) I need to find better indonesia forum for myself at least that suit my prefrences

  2. thanks for adding me there, Aya!


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