Thursday, January 20, 2011

Preview: Media Factory's Nano-Colle Series Vol. 2 IS (Infinite Stratos)

Media Factory is going to release the Nano-Colle Series Vol. 2 IS (Infinite Stratos) trading figures from the light novel/anime IS (Infinite Stratos). The boxset will contain 8 random figures with each size around 45-50mm and will be released in March 2011 around 4,800 yen in a boxset.

This series will be released under the Nano-Colle Series and have a total of 6 varieties figures + 1 secret figure.

The line up are:
1. Houki Shinonono
2. Cecilia Alcott
3. Charlotte Dunois
4. Fang Lin Yin
5. Laura Bodewig
6. Maya Yamada
7. Secret Figure

source: AmiAmi

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